At Lane Family Financial our mission is to provide the education and discipline to consumers throughout North America and abroad in order to help rid themselves of their debt and become financially independent. To give new financial hope where fear and uncertainty is now, and to leave no avenue unexplored in our efforts to reach out to all families and individuals in order to provide a realistic, achievable, automated financial system, so that people can live a more stress free fulfilling life.

Lane Family Financial is a Liability Management firm that specializes in helping our clients to effectively transform their debts into wealth through our proprietary programs that systematically allows them to invest in their debt using our exclusive financial compass. We have been assisting our clients during this journey since 1997 and have assisted hundreds of clients utilizing not only debt management but mortgage based financial planning and traditional financial services.

Kevin Lane, founder of Lane Family Financial has put together a plan to help families to become debt free, including your mortgage, in as little as 7-12 years without changing monthly expenses. Your unsecured debt (credit cards, signature loans, etc.) are typically paid off in just 2-3 years! His Plan will show you how much money you will save, how much time you will save, and how we are going to accomplish your personalized debt elimination program. Kevin Lane will also show you how we are going to get you an effective interest rate of less than 5% on ALL of your debts. This program includes automated monthly bill payment by our third party administrator. No more late fees, creditor phone calls or hassles with writing checks, licking envelopes and juggling bills to try and get them out on time. Sit back, relax, and let Kevin’s system handle it all for you.

If your desire is to be financially independent, take the time to review our site and call us at 1-866-486-5626 for your FREE debt analysis that will show you the exact month and year that you will be debt free.

Lane Family Financial is a BBB accredited business and you can click the link below to check on our outstanding rating at any time.

Lane Family Financial is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Financial Planning Consultants in Newport News VA